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Frequently Asked Questions

The following section addresses many of the questions asked by architects, builders, roofing contractors, and distributors regarding Brandguard Vents™ line of weather resistent attic ventilation products.

How are Brandguard Vents™ different than other vents?

Designed by a firefighter back in 2003, Brandguard Vents™ offered the first Flame and Ember resistant vent of its kind on the market to be used in Wildfire prone areas. Since its beginnings, Brandguard Vents is proud to say that it now offers additional features that further differentiate it from its competitors. The Patent pending Overlapping baffles used in our products have also been tested and proven to resist the intrusion of:

  • Flames, embers, radiant heat/Wildfire Approved
  • Driving Rain/Hurricane Approved
  • Driving Snow
  • Pests and rodents larger than ¼”, even pesky rodents and raccoons.
Brandguard Vents is the only foundation and attic vent product on the market that can keep all of these elements out. Many benefits, one vent.

What are the features and benefits?

Brandguard Vents™ resists the intrusion of mother nature into your attic through the building’s vents, thus protecting your home from dangerous elements. Most homes are damaged from elements such as Flames, Embers, Driving Rain & Snow and Pests entering through the vulnerable openings in the Attic’s vents. Brandguard Vent’s™ patented baffle front design virtually eliminates these risks.

Provides comparable airflow - Brandguard Vents™ protects your building while providing comparable or MORE airflow than some standard vents.

Meets Fire Codes and Miami Dade County Codes. Brandguard Vents™ are the first vent of its kind to meet the new Wildland Urban Interface codes effective 1/2008 which states VENTS SHALL RESIST FLAME AND EMBER INTRUSION. They have also passed the stringent Miami Dade County Driving Rain/Hurricane testing.

What Products do they make?

We make Dormer, Ridge, Gable End, Soffit, Under Eave, Access, Undereave Block Holes, Retrofit Fireplugs™ and Foundation vents.

Are Custom Products Available?

Yes, Brandguard Vents™ will work with you and your needs to create a vent for your project. Custom sizes, shapes, and flanges can be created.

What materials are used to make Brandguard Vents™?

Brandguard Vents™ are made with 26 gauge G90 galvanized steel. We can customize as well with copper, stainless steel or aluminum zinc/galvalume.

What is the range of colors available?

Brandguard Vents™ come with a mill finish and are painted by the installer. Vents can be pre-painted upon request for an additional cost.

How are Brandguard Vents™ Installed?

Brandguard Vents™ are installed like any other standard vent with the same footprint. Our line of Retrofit Fireplugs™ can be easily inserted over existing vents without any damage to the structure. They are held in place by applying an adhesive and affixing w/ appropriate fastener. See our detailed installation instructions and videos.
  • Gable End Vents - Why are the Baffles installed vertical instead of horizontal like a traditional louvered vent?
    • The Baffles are installed vertical to keep out wind driven rain. They have passed the most stringent driving rain tests and far exceed performance vs. a traditional louvered vent.
  • Eave/Soffit Vents - Do I install them with the Mesh or the Baffles facing the exterior of the home?
    • The intent is to install them with the baffles facing out and the mesh facing the interior of the home. However, they can be installed either way depending on visual preference.
  • Continuous Soffit Vents - Can I cut them to varying lengths after I receive them?
    • No. The vents must be pre-ordered and cut to size prior to shipping. If you cut the vents after receiving them the baffles will come apart and you will void all warranties. It will be the same cost per lineal inch no matter what length you order.
  • Continuous Soffit Vents- Can I nail them directly to Rafters without having to notch the rafters?
    • Yes. If you intend to nail directly to the rafters, you need to order a Flange Back (FB) version.

Where are the products sold?

Throughout the US and may be shipped worldwide. Please see a list of distributors.

What is the delivery time?

Delivery time is approximately 5-10 days, depending on stock and custom product availability. If your order is needed sooner, please let us know and we will work with you to meet you timing.


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