Brandguard Vents - Saving Homes With Flame and Ember Resistant Vents - The Only One With Overlapping Baffle Protection

How Flame and Ember Resistant Vents Save Homes

ORDINARY VENTS allow embers to enter and start fires. BRANDGUARD VENTS resist flames and embers.


  1. In wildfires, most homes are destroyed by windblown flames and embers entering the home and igniting fires and causing destruction from within. (This is not intuitive; people typically think that most damage is done by a wall of flame passing the structure, but research proves this is not the case).
  2. Ordinary vents (SHOWN IN THE ANIMATION ABOVE AT LEFT) are designed for ventilation to pass easily through a simple mesh screen. This means that flames, sparks, and burning embers also can easily pass through and enter the home, igniting dry material inside.
  3. Brandguard Vents™ (SHOWN IN THE ANIMATION ABOVE AT RIGHT) provide excellent ventilation while trapping flames and embers BEFORE they enter the home. In this way, Brandguard Vents defend against wildfires and help SAVE HOMES!

Flying Flames & Embers are the Most Common Culprit

As wildfires rage nearby, raging winds blow flames and embers towards homes. These flying firebrands attack homes where they are most vulnerable -- at the unprotected vent openings in the walls and attics. The openings need to be there to ventilate the structure (allowing moisture to escape year-round and preventing mold from growing inside). Yet research has shown that the greatest source of property loss is due to windblown firebrands entering structures -- even more than from direct contact with flames!


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